About us

We are a group of national professional guides licenced in English. Our tour course and itinerary are thought out by the Kyotoites living in Sagano, who know the best things in this area living as residents, housewives and mothers as well.

Hi! I am Akiko Iishikawa. I live in Ibaraki city near Kyoto with my husband and daughter. I love sagano area because it is very beautiful all year around. I am sure you can appreciate beautiful Japanese scenery in sagano. I am very happy to guide you in sagano!!

Hello, Friends! My name is Akira, one of your tour guides in Kyoto-Sagano area, Japan. As a national licensed guide, I will show you around a historic area famous for its traditional Kyoto town houses and a bamboo grove. Why don ’t you visit some hidden treasure spots with me and learn a lot about Japanese culture? I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
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I went to a university in Kyoto and have been living here ever since for more than two decades. Love travelling myself, I have visited 15 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Sagano is a great gem in Kyoto, so I can’t wait to tell you how beautiful and precious this whole place is!

My name is Masayo. I live in Kobe with my husband and two teenage children. Guiding people around this beautiful Sagano-Arashiyama area of Kyoto has been one of my dreams. So, I’m very happy and excited to see you there soon!

I was born and grew up in the small town near Himeji , which is famous for the Himeji Castle, and now live in Kobe with my husband and two teenage children. Strolling in the wonderful Sagano area always makes me smiled feel at ease. The most important thing to me is that smile. Let’s smile together while walking in the very selective course in Sagano!

I was born in Osaka. After living in Australia for a year, I worked as a tour guide and traveled to many countries. Now, I live in Sagano, Kyoto, as a local housewife and a mother of two children. I would like to show you my favorite neighborhood in Sagano.

My name is Sachiko, which literally means a happy girl! So, I am always happy and my tour is always happy! I was born and raised in Osaka, south of Kyoto. My hobbies are Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement and drawing pictures. Whenever I come to SAGANO, I feel relaxed and refreshed. Shall we enjoy walking around the cute and cool pathway with me? It is my pleasure to guide you to my favorite spots in SAGANO.

Since I was a little girl, being a tour guide has been one of my dreams, feeling something precious from my mother who is also an English tour guide. Now I live in Osaka with my husband and son. I look forward to taking you off the beaten track in Sagano and Arashiyama,my favorite place of great beauty.

Hi,  I’m Yoko! I am a nationally licensed English speaking guide.  I’ve been working as a tour guide since 2009. I live in a small city between Osaka and Kobe. Originally I was born and raised in Kyushu, but by now the period of time I ‘ve spent in Kansai is longer than the period of time I spent in Kyushu. Now I am a perfect obachan (auntie) of Kansai! I like hiking in the mountains and walking along historical highways. Sagano is a quite area blessed with natural surroundings. Let’s enjoy exploring this area together! I am looking forward to your visit!