Places to eat

Places to eat

Here are our suggestions for having lunch or snacks after we dismiss the tour.

[OZURU] 075-881-5514

Ozuru - Kyoto Sagano Walk


5 min. walk from Togetsukyo (Crossing moon) Bridge.
Udon and Yuba (beancurd skin, speciality in Kyoto)
Homemade Udon noodle; nice and chewy Approx..900yen/a bowl of udon

  • Tempura Udon (with 2 big prawn and Kyoto’s local vegetable tempura) 1,280 yen
  • Kyoyasai ten Udon (Seasonal Kyoto’s local vegetable tempura) 980yen
  • Kamo to Kujonegi no Udon (duck and leek Udon) 980 yen
  • Zaru Udon (cold udon served on a bamboo platter) 680 yen, etc.


[Arashiyama Yoshimura] 075-863-5700

Yoshimura - Kyoto Sagano Walk


3 min. walk from Ran-den Arashiyama station
Homemade soba (buckwheat noodle).
From the restaurant you can command a fine view over the cross moon bridge and the Oi River

  • Juwarisoba (Homemade soba noodle made from 100% Buckwheat powder freshly ground with stone mill) 1,050 yen
  • Ebi (Prawn) Tempura Soba(Hot or Cold) 1,365 yen
  • Seasonal Kyo-Yasai (Kyoto’s local vegetable) soba(Hot or cold) 1,365 yen


[Saga-Tofu Ine] 075-882-5809

Ine - Kyoto Sagano Walk


3 min walk from Togetsukyo Bridge
Fresh homemade tofu, Fresh Yuba, Tofu made from sesame paste

  • Fresh Yuba served in a wooden pail 1,580 yen
  • Kyoto Yuba gozen (set menu) served with thick starchy sauce 1,580 yen
  • Kyoto Obanzai gozen (Kyoto local dish set menu) 1,780 yen


[Gya-tei] 075-862-2411

Gya-tei - Kyoto Sagano Walk


3 min walk from Togetsukyo, adjacent to Randen Arashiyama station
Healthy all-you-can-eat Japanese local cuisine produced by a famous Kyoto Ryokan Arashiyama-Benkei

  • 30 dishes all-you-can-eat, time limit 1 hour 1,890 yen/person
  • Junior High school students (12-15 yrs old) 1,580 yen/person
  • Primary school students (6-12 yrs old) 1,260 yen/person
  • pre-school 840 yen/person



Sagano-yu - Kyoto Sagano Walk


Very near from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station
A fashonable café in a fully renovated former Sento (Public Bath) building in the early 20th century (Taisho period)

  • Curried rice (Saganoyu Curry) 1000yen
  • Hot sandwich 1000yen
  • Apple Crumble 600yen