Photos now in sagano

Memorial Service for Yugiri Tayu at Seiryoji Temple (Nov.13, 2011)

A memorial service for Yugiri Tayu is held every November at Seiryoji Temple.

Tayu is a courtesan of the highest rank in Shimabara district in Kyoto.

Yugiri was a renowned Tayu in the 17th century for her beauty and artistic skill who died at the age of 22.

A dance is dedicated by the current Tayu for her grave in this temple.

Procession of Imperial Princess at Nonomiya Shrine (Oct.16, 2011)


This is a procession of Imperial princess reproduced every October.

In ancient times, an unmarried princess was sent by each emperor to serve at Ise Shrine.

Princess spend a year of purification at Nonomiya before leaving for Ise.

It took about 6 days to get to Ise from Kyoto.

Seasonal Flowers (Sep.26, 2011)

Red Spider Lily

Japanese Bush Clover

Moon Viewing at Daikakuji Temple (Sep.10~12, 2011)

Emperor's Gate

Emperor’s Gate

Concert at Palace Style Architecture

Concert in a Palace Style Building

Koto Players in Court Lady Costume

Moon Viewing Pond

Moon Viewing Pond

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat


Lantern lighting at Atago street (Aug.23~25, 2011)