Welcome to Sagano

With just a 20 min. ride from Kyoto station, you can slip back into the scenery of 400 years past.

Sagano: Cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, red and orange leaves in autumn, and snow in winter–its beauty has attracted emperors, aristocrats, poets, celebrities and countless other people since the 9th century…

As compared with the Higashiyama area, which is flooded with tourists from all over the world, the Sagano-Arashiyama area, has been one of most renowned sightseeing spots in Kyoto among the Japanese.

image - Kyoto Sagano Tour -

You can see a lot of photos on Tenryuji, a famous UNESCO world heritage site in this area, and the famous bamboo grove in guidebooks and travel brochures. Are you sure that you are not missing anything with that?

If you explore further to the foot of Atago mountain, an ancient sanctuary associated with fire, a vermillion Torii gate awaits you, and you can enjoy the beauty in one of Kyoto city’s preserved areas.

Kyotoite guides invite you exclusively to Sagano, a Japanese gem that only locals know.